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Our mission

Cybersecurity education for everyone

At Cyber Info, we strive to empower every individual with easy access to cybersecurity education because your future matters.

We strive to make cybersecurity education accessible and engaging for everyone, as we believe it is crucial for creating a safer and more secure digital environment.
Our supportive and inclusive community values collaboration, networking, and knowledge-sharing, recognizing that great ideas can come from anyone.
We encourage innovation and experimentation in cybersecurity education and recognize the importance of pushing boundaries and staying up to date.
We empower individuals with the tools they need to stay ahead in cybersecurity and learn alongside their peers.
We prioritize supporting our community by providing volunteer opportunities through our no-cost IT support forums and Cyber Info community events.
We value transparency and openness, and we ensure honesty in all aspects of our operations, including policies, decision-making, and activities.
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Charitable funding

Powered by you

We rely on the generosity of our donors to provide accessible cybersecurity education to individuals looking to advance their careers. As a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation, your donations are tax-deductible and enable us to offer programs and resources free of charge. Your support helps us empower individuals and secure our future in the digital age. Join our mission by contributing to Cyber Info today!

Enjoy a thriving and dedicated learning community!

With the current skill gap the cybersecurity industry is facing, we want to help you obtain the knowledge and skills necessary for an exciting career!

YouTube Content Library

Explore our extensive collection of educational videos covering various cybersecurity topics, ranging from beginner to advanced levels!

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Join our vibrant community of cybersecurity enthusiasts on Discord and connect with like-minded individuals to learn and share your knowledge!


Boost your cybersecurity skills and stay ahead in your career. Get access to expert advice, the latest trends, and educational resources to become a cybersecurity pro!